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CryptoFinancing 2017
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[ ONE DAY OF INTENSE LEARNING - JULY 7, 2017 - The UK's First Conference Focussing On Initial Coin Offerings, Token Sales and Crowdfunding in the Blockchain Community ]

Over £200m was raised via ICOs in 2016. Venture capitalists are wary of lack of control and regulatory issues but love the massive profit potential and liquidity. Today, Ethereum remains one of the largest ICOs to date, raising over £16 million in 2014 - and today has a market capitalization of £4 billion. Startups love the fact that they don't have to give up equity and can open source and/or put their project under a non-profit foundation and still raise money... and not just seed money but significant growth capital into the millions. This is the world of Initial Coin Offerings and Tokenization. This is the event where we open the lid on this new phenomenon. Join us!

[ Speakers ]

More Coming Soon!

    Ryan Zurrer
    General Partner, Polychain Capital

      John Clippinger Ph.D.
      Research Scientist, MIT Media Lan, CEO, ID3, Distinquished Fellow, IFTF

      Michael Terpin
      CEO Transform Group, BitAngels, Coinovate

        Vinay Gupta
        Founder of Hexayurt.Capital and Internet of Agreements

          Christina Frankopan
          CEO of Protozoa, Advisor Firestartr, RSA Fellow

            Diana Biggs
            CEO of Proof of Purpose

              Jane Zhang
              CEO of Shellcoin and Skyledger

              Eddy Travia
              CEO at Coinsilium, Co-founder at Block Chain Space

              Richard Kastelein
              Blockchain News, Cryptoalchemy, Blockchain Partners

              Jake Vartanian
              Director, Blockchain Partners, Founder Cryptodex

              Adam Cleary
              CEO Cavenham Cap., UK Digital Currency Assoc.

              Jamie Burke
              CEO - Convergence VC, CEO Outlier Ventures

              Ransu Salovaara
              CEO of Tokenmarket, Revoltura, BitcoinETI

              George Mcdonaugh
              CEO - kryptonite1

                Marina Titova
                VP of Corporate Finance at The Argon Group

                  Olga Feldmeier
                  CEO and Founder - Smart Valor AG, Switzerland

                    Gregor Novak
                    CEO - SunContract

                    [ Agenda ]

                    Plenary Sessions

                    09.00 -10.00 Registration and coffee at the Expo
                    10.00 -10.45 Keynote: Token Exchanges and
                    Digital Assets for Social & Economic Good: Some Provocations
                    and Proposals
                    Keynote- Dr. John Clippinger, CEO, ID3/MIT Media Lab, USA
                    10.45 -11.30 Panel: VC and the
                    Cryptocurrency Revolution… Engage or Deny ICOs?
                    Panelist 1 – Eddy Travia, CEO, Coinsilium, Hong Kong / UK
                    Panelist 2 – Jamie Burke, CEO, Outlier Ventures, UK
                    Panelist 3 – TBA
                    Moderator – Christina Francopan, CEO, Protozoa, UK
                    11.30 -12.00 Coffee Break
                    12.00 -12.30 Panel: Meet the People doing
                    Panelist 1 – George Mcdonaugh, CEO, Kryptonite 1, UK
                    Panelist 2 – Gregor Novak
                    Panelist 3 – TBA
                    Panelist 4 – TBA
                    Panelist 5 -TBA
                    Moderator – Jake Vartanian, Director, Blockchain Partners, USA
                    12.30 -13.00 Keynote:
                    Blockchain Capital and The World’s First VC ICO
                    Keynote Speaker – Marina Titova, VP Corp. Finance, Argon Group, UK
                    13.00 -14.00 Lunch
                    Sessions Room #1
                    Sessions Room #2

                    Crypto-Financing for Investors

                    Crypto-Financing for Entrepreneursand Developers

                    14.00 -14.15 Panel: Regulation and
                    Self-Regulationin the CryptoFinancing World
                    Keynote Tokenization,
                    Sustainable Ecosystems, and Community Building
                    Panelist 1 Olga Feldmeier, MD, Verto, Switzerland Jake Vartantian, Director, Blockchain Partners, USA
                    Panelist 2 – Ransu Salovaara, CEO, TokenMarket, Gibraltar
                    Panelist 3 – Marina Titova, VP Corp. Finance, Argon Group, UK
                    Moderator- Diana Biggs, CEO, Proof of Purpose, UK
                    14.15- 14.30 Keynote – TBA Keynote – ICOs for
                    good – Humanitarian projects
                    Diana Biggs, CEO, Proof of Purpose, UK
                    14.30- 14.45 Keynote ICOs and Due
                    Dilligence. Slamming the Scammers
                    Keynote: Open Source
                    Software, Foundations and Structuring the Project
                    Matt Chwierut, Director, Smith + Crown, USA Richard Kastelein, Founder, Blockchain News, Netherlands
                    14:45- 15:00 Keynote – Polychain-
                    bringing institutional investors into the ICO world
                    Keynote – ICOs inChina
                    Ryan Zurrer, General Partner, Polychain Capital, Brazil Jane Zhang, CEO, Shellpay, China
                    15.00- 15.15 Keynote: Starts ups,
                    Blockchain Equity, and Adaptive Capital
                    Panel: ICO Software –
                    Tools and Platforms to Run an Token Sale
                    Vinay Gupta, Founder, Hexayurt Capital, UK Panelist 1 – Jane Zhang, CEO, Shellpay, China
                    Panelist 2- Ransu Salovaara, CEO, TokenMarket, Gibraltar
                    15:15-15:30 Keynote TBA Panelist 3 – TBA
                    15.30 -16.00 Panel: Domiciling
                    your ICO, and Local Ecosystems
                    Panel – Marketing101
                    – How to Promote a Token Launch
                    Panelist 1 – Olga Feldmeier, MD, Verto, Switzerland Panelist 1 -Mitchell Loureiro, VP Marketing, Steemit, Portugal
                    Panelist 2 -Jane Zhang, Jane Zhang, CEO, Shellpay, China Panelist 2 – Michael Terpin, CEO, Transform group, Puerto Rico
                    Panelist 3 Panelist 3 – Jake Vartanian, Director, Blockchain Partners, USA
                    Moderator – Richard Kastelein, Founder, Blockchain News, Netherlands


                    16.00 -17.00 Closing Panel: Crypto-Financing
                    investors; Who are they and why are they doing what
                    Panelist 1 – Eddy Travia, CEO, Coinsilium, Hong Kong / UK
                    Panelist 2 – Adam Cleary, CEO, Cavenham Capital, UK
                    Panelist 3 – Ryan Zurrer, General Partner, Polychain Capital, Brazil
                    Panelist 4 – TBA
                    Panelist 5 -TBA
                    Moderator – Christina Francopan, CEO, Protozoa, UK
                    17.00 Network Reception and Drinks

                    Organised by Blockchain Ecosystem Network

                    Event Design by Cryptoassets Design Group - ICO Architects

                    Media Partner