CEO of Shellcoin and Skyledger
Jane Zhang
CEO of Shellcoin and Skyledger
Jane Zhang is well-known Chinese angel investor and entrepreneur from Shanghai who was an early investor of Alibaba, UT Starcom and VIPS (NYSE listed company). She founded Shellpay in 2015 and as CEO, she is in charge of strategy, fundraising and team building. Before Shellpay, she was Chief Strategy Officer for Circle Pleasure Corporation, CEO of Shanghai Wall Street Strategies Advisors, and CEO of China First Music. Jane has a Masters from Georgetown University,  MBA from Harvard. and a BA from Fudan University. Her company Shellpay was selected by Dubai Futures Accelerator  for their 2017 Spring program and they are now working with Immigration office to develop Blockchain solutions in Dubai. Her work includes:
  • Skyledger
  • CX platform - public infrastructure allowing blockchain community to develop their own applications
  • Super Wallet -  multi coins wallet, allowing users to manage their digital assets in one wallet and trade on in-buit exchanges
  • Mesh Network - decentralized VPN and beyond
  • Blockchain solution for Immigration inspection and Customs inspection of Dubai international airport
  • Blockchain town of Green Energy, Jiading, Shanghai
  • Blockchain town of military, Nanchang, Jiangxi
  • Skyledger ICO of Miaozhua, Yiwu, Blockchain News of Netherlands, Shellcoin etc.